Kim Kardashian sends a letter to the girl she was before fame

As a teenager, Kim Kardashian certainly did not imagine all that she was about to accomplish. And as she poses in her SKIMS swimsuits for the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuitthe reality TV star and businesswoman chose to write a letter to the young girl she was, taking a look back at her journey.

“It’s easy to say just ignore the criticism, but another thing you’re going to learn is that at some point you’re going to realize that it’s not all about you. It’s about your family. It’s about helping others. For years you’ll put yourself forward… But you’ll become a more private person and you’ll end up realizing that the way you’re going to write your story – the truth about you – depends on your actions and not of your charm, ”wrote the one who is now studying law to become a lawyer with the aim of reforming the American prison system.

Always do your best

After taking a look in the rearview mirror, Kim Kardashian concludes by looking straight at the horizon.

“But know this. When you get there, in May 2022, you will not be satisfied. You’re still going to be looking for the next thing to do. And when you have found it, you will take care of it – we will take care of it – how we always do it: to the maximum”, she finally wrote in this letter relayed by People.

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