Kim Kardashian Shares a Rare Glimpse Inside SKKN’s HQ Featuring a Lavish Lounge, Huge Product Room and Facial Booth

KIM Kardashian and her team of skincare experts gave fans a taste of how professionals use SKKN.

The video, which is several minutes long, maintains the light and neutral aesthetic that Kim’s brand has cultivated.

Guests were invited to partake in a spa-like SKKN experience


Kim then posted a video of the experience and her guests' reactions to the product.


The entire video shows SKKN’s Los Angeles press event at SKKN’s headquarters.

A few of Kardashian’s confidants, like her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, were introduced.

The video begins with an overview of SKKN’s headquarters, then shows the guest experience.

Chris Appleton, a hairstylist, is the first guest shown in the video, and he raved about how his skin felt after receiving the treatment.

Kim Shows Off Real Skin Texture While Wearing SKKN Line

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All of the guests featured in the video, posted on SKKN’s Instagram, had nothing but good things to say about their experience.

The guests wear neutral clothes and dresses, to go with Kim’s theme, and they have glowing, flawless skin.


Fans were eagerly awaiting the launch of SKKN, especially when they found out that the products were going to be rebranded as KKW Beauty.

Loyal KKW Beauty users were excited to restock on familiar products they love.

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That was until they saw the prize and nearly fell out of their chairs.

It wasn’t long before Kim was criticized for the high price of the products and accused of making them unaffordable.

Product refills have also been questioned as they are the same size as the original packaging and do not appear to reduce waste.


The KUWTK star has had the same light, neutral aesthetic for years, even her former home was completely white.

Kim’s SKIMS shapewear line features all neutral skin tones to match the wearer.

She took neutral tones one step further with her collaboration with Dr Dre’s Beats.

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The Beats headphones only come in three colors, and they all come in neutral shades of brown or tan.

This color palette is also found in her ex-husband Kanye West’s brand, Yeezy, which she would co-own.

Chris Appleton, a hairstylist, enjoyed his facial


Kim's SKKN products have been criticized for being overpriced and unsustainable


The neutral aesthetic offered by SKKN can be seen throughout Kim's life


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