Kim Kardashian shines with a car that is worth a million

The famous model continues to revolutionize the networks with her controversial appearances. At the wheel of one of her most brutal and expensive cars, the diva was quick to flaunt her great fondness for these sporty designs. We show you!

kim kardashian She became one of the great influencers of recent times. The American model and businesswoman has managed to break all records to take home a good million. A huge figure that she does not take long to enjoy as she wants, from ostentatious high-end cars, dream mansions to paradisiacal destinations.

Thanks to her promising businesses and multi-million dollar advertising contracts, the diva has the pleasure of being behind the wheel of the most sensational cars on the market. Something that she does not take long to show off on her social networks, where luxuries are an everyday thing. Kim without a doubt, she has known how to exploit her potential and grow by leaps and bounds.

Now, The model has a heritage that ranges from 1.8 billion dollars. A beastly figure that is reflected in its imposing garage. However, there is one of its copies that revolutionized its fans due to its attractive design and for costing a good million. Without a doubt, a luxury that only personalities like Kardashian herself can afford without having to think twice.

Your Mercedes McLaren SLR It is positioned as one of the most sensual pieces in your garage. This beautiful design features a V8 engine and gives off a top speed of 334 km/h. A beautiful two-seater supercar that was manufactured between 2003 and 2009. A car that Kim loves and it didn’t take long for her to add it to her collection.

This specimen has a market value of around $700,000, in its cheapest versions. Without a doubt, it is an extremely attractive and comfortable model that does not go unnoticed on the road. To the surprise of many, Kim usually uses it to go shopping or on somewhat unusual occasions, which show the good economic position in which she finds herself. And do you dare to take this expensive copy for a spin?

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Kim Kardashian in her Mercedes McLaren SLR.

Reference model Mercedes McLaren SLR.

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