Kim Kardashian Shows off Behind the Scenes in a Flirty Swimsuit


Kim Kardashian very flirtatiously shared several behind-the-scenes boomerang videos of one of her most recent photoshoots using several of her SKIMS

The model, businesswoman, celebrity, and socialite Kim Kardashian shared a publication with several boomerang videos, looking quite flirtatious, where she showed part of the behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot.

7 hours ago that he shared this publication where he is wearing several garments from his SKIMS line , there is no doubt that he does not miss an opportunity not only to show off his exquisiteness but also the products that he has been launching on the market little by little.

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has taken advantage of every opportunity she has had to launch all that product that she uses on the market, in this case, it was SKIMS’s turn.

It could be said that for the businesswoman it has been a somewhat easy path, being able to launch her lines of clothing, perfumes, makeup, and others on sale.

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This undoubtedly managed to do once he became a star, not only on television but also on social networks, because thanks to his popularity he began to have millions of possible clients first because many of his fans were looking for a way to look a bit similar to her since she became an icon of fashion and a constant trend.

Today the beautiful businesswoman has 230 million followers on her official Instagram account, which is an excellent market for her products and clothing.

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Taking advantage of her popularity, she has become a model of everything she sells, on few occasions, her sisters have accompanied her as part of certain advertising campaigns, and the more they appear together, the success is even more assured for her like her sisters.

On this occasion the only one that shone in her publication was herself as she appears posing as flirtatious with some of her clothes, in the first image she moves a little to the sides like the others, she wears a full bodysuit, a stylist arranged her long hair.


With a slightly dark background to highlight the beige color of her SKIMS, and the tanned tone of her figure, the businesswoman and her production team managed to make this, like her other photoshoots, look fantastic, over the years. she has become a true professional model.

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As for the second image, Kim Kardashian appears sitting with her legs slightly gathered, but in another pose, a little different from the previous one, for this second shot, she is shown with two pieces that although they are a little small like a swimsuit are they adapt well to your figure and do not leave anything out.

Perhaps the last photo that appears in said publication was taken before the second because the businesswoman and model are shown with the same skim design that we just saw, only that it is shown standing, and a person who is part of her production team is preparing her for the shoot.

His flirty publication has more than a million red hearts and also more than 5 thousand comments since he shared it, figures that are more than usual among its content and it could even be said that they are always the minimum amount that it has in each one. of your new posts.

Although usually, this type of content is more normal for him to put it in his stories, this time he decided to delight the pupil of his fans in his feed, something with which they were surely more than delighted.

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