Kim Kardashian single: why did she separate from Pete Davidson?

After nine months of relationship, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have separated. “Gala” looks back on this sudden and unexpected breakup.

Thunderbolt on the planet people. Kim Kardashian is now single. If the romance between the reality TV star and comedian Pete Davidson seemed to be heading in the right direction, the magazine E! News announced their breakup this Saturday, August 6. According to a relative of the two stars, they would have decided in particular to end their relationship due to “their busy schedules“. They travel all the time and it was complicatedadded this same source to the American tabloid.

The two lovebirds had met on the occasion of the show Saturday Night Live. A weekly meeting punctuated by comic sketches, during which a celebrity is invited to act as presenter the time of an evening. On Saturday October 9, 2021, it was the turn of Kim Kardashian to prove himself. If his performance had been widely acclaimedthe ex-wife of Kanye West was also left with butterflies in the stomach. During a skit featuring Aladdin and Jasmine on a flying carpet, the ex of Ariana Grande and the mother shared a tender kiss. Fiction had then caught up with reality since the two showed up hand in hand on numerous occasions, notably during the Met Gala last May.

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Pete Davidson, validated by the Kardashian family

When we kissed, I was like ‘hmm!’ It was a movie kiss but I still felt something. It wasn’t a completely crazy feeling but I realized that I hadn’t kissed anyone else in 10 yearshad entrusted Kim Kardashian in the podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat by Amanda Hirsch. If this rapprochement were not not to the taste of Kanye Westwho had attacked the 28-year-old actor several times on social networks, pete davidson had known how to conquer the illustrious members of the Kardashian family. On March 11, Kylie Jenner’s sister formalized the relationship on her Instagram account, sharing two photos of pete davidson. It was the entrepreneur’s very first relationship after his tumultuous divorce of the father of her four children, Kanye West.

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