Kim Kardashian snatched from Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister in OJ Joke


Kim Kardashianin the middle of some Og Simpson And Nicole Brown A family drama… and all because of what Nicole’s sister considers a “nasty” joke in Kim’s “SNL” monologue.

Tanya Brown, the sister of Simpson’s late ex-wife, told TMZ… Kim’s cracks on OJ were “bad taste” and Nicole’s death shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

As you know, Kim hosted He acted in “SNL” and in his monologue some lines of OJ … with a joke about his father, Roberto, one of OJ’s defense attorneys, where he introduced her to his first black person. He invited the audience to take a “stab in the dark” – referring to the creepy way of Nicole and Ron Goldman been killed.

Tanya says the jokes were “inappropriate and insensitive” and wonders how much the Kardashian family really cared about Nicole.


The truth is Kris Jenner He was one of Nicole’s close friends, but as Tanya sees her… Kim should have retracted or ignored the lines, assuming the SNL writers made up some of them.

Tania herself did it – says she once walked out of a scheduled appearance on “The Meredith Vieira Show” when she was told, at the last minute, that the murder trial jurors would also be on the show.

He wishes Kim had a similar reaction to the “SNL” lines.

As if the jokes themselves weren’t annoying enough… Tanya added that it was great to watch and hear the audience laugh at the OJ material.


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