Kim Kardashian: the reason that led her to photoshop her niece True

A few weeks ago, Khloé Kardashian was accused of photoshopping her daughter True in several photos. Fans of the Kardashian clan spotted the deception after the latter told in her Instagram story that her daughter was discovering Disneyland for the very first time. However, subscribers recalled seeing a photo of True with her cousin Chicago at the amusement park in December. Budding investigators then claimed it was a montage and that Stormi was in the original photo. In the end, Khloé Kardashian admitted the facts without explaining the reasons, although many believe that Kylie Jenner wanted to avoid her daughter being exposed on social networks after the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld festival. Khloé Kardashian is not the only one to have photoshopped the pictures since Kim Kardashian has done the same.

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“I didn’t want to mess up my Instagram feed”

This Wednesday, April 27, the founder of SKIMS wanted to clarify certain comments made about her in an Instagram story. For several weeks, media have been claiming that the reality star touched up Pete Davidson’s nose in one of his photos. Information that she managed to deny thanks to a video. Then, she shared another post that says she photoshopped her niece, True. Kim Kardashian therefore recognized the facts and provided an explanation to her subscribers: “You all know that I am extremely careful with the aesthetics of my account and in particular my Instagram feed. Lately it’s been pink and blue. Isn’t that cute? “, she begins by writing. She continues: “The original photos were good with Stormi. However, I asked Kylie if I could post them and she said she didn’t want too much right now. What I respect! But Chicago wore pink and it matched perfectly, I didn’t want to mess up my Instagram feed. »

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