Kim Kardashian: this super beauty ritual to take care of her line!

Kim Kardashian is a follower of unusual beauty rituals. Her latest trendy routine is sure to please you.

Kim Kardashian is a fan of beauty rituals. From the most unusual, to the trendiest, the youngest of the Kardashians refuses nothing. Her spine-chilling new beauty ritual might please you. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kim Kardashian’s beauty rituals

Kim Kardashian is a true fan of beauty rituals. It’s simple, the youngest of the Kardashian clan refuses nothing to stay beautiful. You may not know it, but he was one of the first stars to popularize the outline.

The beautiful brunette then unveiled her beauty routine which consists of redefining her face with makeup. Since, his method is one of the trendiesteveryone has already tried contouring.

Beyond this trendy beauty routine, Kim Kardashian has also been talked about because ofvery bloody skin care. In effect, North’s mom is a fan of vampire lift.

As the name suggests, like a vampire, the ex darling of Pete Davidson injects his blood into his face. With this care, Kim Kardashian can then look younger.

Finally, recently Kim Kardashian had also been talked about for words that shook the whole internet. Indeed, the star told our colleagues at New York Times what would be ready to eat excrement to stay young: If you tell me that I should literally eat poop every day and look younger, maybe I will Kim said then.

Today it’s not for excrement that Kim Kardashian is talking about her, but for another less shocking beauty routine. MCE TV tells you more!

A frosty beauty routine

After the vampire faceliftKim Kardashian fall for a new routine. Indeed, the latest is in a very posh spa in New York. It was in her story that she decided to show this new ritual.

Live from the spa Remedy Place, Kanye West’s ex revealed herself in a sublime black bikini. She then plunges into an ultra-icy bathtub, the coldness of the bath leaves her stoic.

Kim Kardashian does does not seem to appreciate this freshnessbut she ends up getting used to it: It’s cold when you get in, but you get used to it expresses the star.

She also adds: I am proud of myself“. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has something to be proud of, the water was super cold and below normal temperatures for the human body.

Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine may be extreme, but it’s nothing new. In fact, cryotherapy is very popular by the stars.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Jenifer Aniston, or even Yolanda Hadid, all love it and swear by this routine. This treatment would help regenerate the skin and make it more beautiful.

So, like the queen of Snow White, Kim Kardashian refuses to grow old. What will the star still use to stay young?

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