Kim Kardashian tours SKKN’s massive office with an amphitheater, glamorous all-white room and big beds for ‘TV breaks’

KIM Kardashian is giving fans a peek into her personal space.

The reality TV star hosted a tour of her sprawling SKKN BY KIM office, sharing the massive showroom online.

The kitchen fridge is always stocked with drinks


“You’ve been asking for this video for a long time,” Kim posted on YouTube. “And I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you where my team and I are working from. »

In the nearly 13-minute video, Kim recounts a tour through the complex, which she estimates at around 40,000 square feet.

She begins by showing off one of the office’s favorite things: the amphitheater — which features a giant floor-to-ceiling video screen and faces a comfy wall-to-wall couch.

“It happened because the space was so huge here,” said Kim, 41. “I really loved the high ceilings.

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“But I wanted a comfortable space, not just for when the kids come over and they can hang out and watch movies, but also if I was going to show presentations or just watch something on a larger scale. »

Kim called the space an area where she could just “chill out” and relax.

“Where I can just watch TV or movies and entertain the kids while I work and do photo shoots. »

From there, she moved to the center of the building – a large open kitchen and dining area.

“I wanted everything to be really open. I love an open workspace in the kitchen,” enthused Kim.

“I love seeing people talking and hanging out at lunchtime, so I wanted to build a kitchen where I could hold events. »


She shared that the kitchen is probably her most used room, before heading to another open space: the glam model room.

Again, the open concept was key, as it was important to Kim to have enough space for all the models to do their hair and makeup for the photo shoots.

The model glam bedroom leads directly to the photo studio.

Behind this is Kim’s personal glamorous bedroom – off-limits to others.

The reality TV star describes the giant space as “quiet and quiet”.

“That’s where I’ll just get cozy on my couch and watch TV,” she confessed.


The room also includes an oversized personal shower, including a small chair in the corner that Kim says is “watching me” in the bath.

“I don’t really know who came up with this idea, or who is going to relax and talk to me. »

Finally, Kim showed off her showroom, filled with her many skincare products and fashion accessories.

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She called it her dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted my showroom to be half SKKN and half SKIMS and have those be my two brands,” she shared. “Visually, everything blends and goes together. I like to see everything together. »

The founder of SKKNS is a fan of an open concept, including the kitchen / dining room


Kim's personal glamorous bedroom is a place where she can relax


Kim's personal shower comes with a chair for others to sit and watch


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