Kim Kardashian ultra moved to see North become a big girl!

Next month, North will be 9 years old. The opportunity for Kim Kardashian to take stock of the passage of time and how much her daughter is growing!

Kim Kardashian is a fulfilled mom. The influencer can’t get over seeing the time go by so quickly. And to think that Noth is already almost 9 years old! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A new life

Since her divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian seems to have become another woman. After the turmoil due to his separation from the father of his children, the star is indeed happy to have taken another path.

For her, there are no regrets. Moreover, the beautiful quarantine does not hesitate to say it loud and clear. The one who contemplates a new baby with Pete Davidson has been swimming in happiness since meeting the SNL comedian.

If the end of her relationship with Kanye West was not easy, the beauty says she is nevertheless relieved. In a new episode of The Kardashian, Kim has also made a confidence that does not lie.

“I knew it had to be done when I filled out the paperwork. I knew this was not the right situation for me. And now I feel great”we see her confide in Kourtney.

Relieved of this weight, Kim Kardashian can now move forward. But she doesn’t forget that she shares four beautiful children with Ye! Besides, little North must celebrate his birthday as soon as possible.

The first-born of the Kardashian/West children is about to turn 9 years old. Yes, time flies! And Kim realized that just recently.

The one who wants to see her new darling move to LA just posted photos of her eldest daughter on Instagram from last summer. The opportunity to see that indeed, little North is no longer a baby!

Kim Kardashian very proud of her daughter

Friday, May 13, the SKIMS mogul offered her fans adorable snaps of her and North during their summer vacation last year. In these photos, the mother and daughter can be seen on a boat, obviously having a good time together.

While Kim Kardashian was dressed in a sublime swimsuit zipped swimsuit, the young girl wore a life jacket to protect her. Very complicit with North, Kim seems, in these photos, overcome with love for her offspring which makes her so proud.

“Looking in my phone at pictures on the lake last summer. My little girl will soon be 9 years old, left in comment the influencer. As we can see, the mother is a mother like any other when it comes to talking about her children.

Like all mothers, this one is very attentive to the development of her toddlers and gives her all to please them. Besides, it could be that for his next birthday, North is as spoiled as last year.

The little girl should have a proper party like the one reserved for her brother Psalm a few days ago. Without a doubt, Kanye West should also think of his daughter and reserve a nice surprise for her.

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