Kim Kardashian unexpected joke with her daughter goes viral on social networks

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kim kardashian She is one of the most recognized ‘infliencer’ and businesswoman not only in the United States but also throughout the world. Her fame grew after her family reality show. Undoubtedly, she has always been in the showcase of the show.

And it is that, kim kardashian He always manages to make headlines, whether it’s for his brand launches or family or emotional events.

In this line, now the famous and North West, the daughter who had the fruit of her relationship with Kanye West, made a video that in a few hours went viral and headlined different entertainment news portals. And it is that, they usually record several audiovisuals for the TikTok account that they have together.

However, one of the latest posts has caught the attention of his followers for a particular reason. And it is that the businesswoman and her 9-year-old heiress they epically trolled the rapper and his girlfriend Chaney Joneswho looked like a clone of Kim when they started dating in early 2022.

North appears in the record dressed and made up simulating Kanye West, with a beard, eyebrows and cap included, and the song “Bound” by the background artist.

While the Kardashian looks the same as the singer’s ex-partner. The entertainment media claims that while Kanye was dating her, molded her to look like Kim. Apparently, he was looking to have a woman with the same attributes.

Kim Kardashian and her Christmas party that left everyone speechless

During the holidays, the celebrity left her followers speechless after posting photos of how she celebrated the Christmas party. Netizens described the meeting as something true to her style because of the extravagance.

In the celebration, kim kardashian As expected, she was accompanied by her sisters, Khloé, Kylie, Kourtney and Kendall Jenner also participated in this event with all the luxuries. It was held in a room decorated with red trees and bushes with flowers of the same color. Thus, the typical Christmas tones stood out.

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