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Kim Kardashian has a joint account with her daughter, North West, on the TikTok social network, where they take the opportunity to post funny videos of their intimacy as a family.

One of the most recent videos that has given people something to talk about on the Internet is that of North playing with his younger sister, Chicago, 4 years old, where he uses a filter that “disfigures” his face.

“Okay Chi, I’m going to cover your face and you’re going to go like this, okay?” North told her sister, while she indicated that she should dance.

When Chicago appeared in the shot, North covered the little girl’s eyes with her hands and quickly moved them around her face.

As soon as she removed her hands, Chicago’s left eye appeared lower in her face because of the filter. “Chi, what’s wrong with your face?” North asked her sister, while the young woman looked confused.

“You did that!” the 4-year-old replied, as she inspected her new face with her smartphone.

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“Oh my God Chi, go look in the mirror!” Kanye West’s daughter is heard.

Little Chicago looked confused in the video because her face looked completely fine in the mirror, but her older sister insisted the mirror was “broken.”

“Look at you, look at you! The mirror is broken, Chi!” she said, before telling her to rub it to “try to fix it”. Then he lied, “Oh my gosh Chi, you’re going to get stuck like this!”

When Chicago fell for the joke and rubbed her face, she removed her filter, then said, “Okay, it’s back together!”

a viral joke

The particular video has accumulated the figure of 3.7 million views, although comments to any publication are disabled, the clip registers more than half a million likes.

Apparently, the users found the joke of the 9-year-old girl who surprises her parents’ fans every time funny, due to her witticisms.

Last month, little North pranked her mother Kim using the “fake eyebrows” filter on TikTok, gaining great repercussions on the social network.

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