Kim Kardashian’s waistband prevents a woman from dying after being shot four times

Kim Kardashian has achieved many successes as a businesswoman, but surely one of the ones she’s most proud of is Skims, The company, according to its website, offers clothing “for all bodies” and underwear that expands up to twice its size in order to “promote our industry into the future.” But in the past few hours another “advantage” of Kardashian’s clothing has been revealed on social networks, because A woman claims that wearing it under her clothes saved her from dying after being shot four times.

Angeline Wiley has gone viral on TikTok by detailing what happened last night in Kansas City last year. While she was waiting for a car on the street, she was shot four times. ,I was shot four times in this new year. I was wearing Skims shapewear under my dress the night I was shot”, he began to express.

,It was so tight that it literally stopped me from bleeding to death.”, he continues to explain, describing the garment as “body armor for women, According to her, Kim Kardashian saved her life and she is quite clear that she is going to “buy more clothes” from the American firm.

Kim Kardashian responded to the story

Willie continued to reflect on his experience seven months earlier, but he didn’t expect Kim herself to respond to his story. ,You can call it fate… or Jesus Christ… Of course I’m going to call it Kim”, expressed the young woman. Kardashian saw the viral post and “Very goodAlong with which was also an emoticon of hands imitating the posture of prayer.

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