Kimberly Loaiza showed her “love nest”

Former Dancing With the Stars participant Kimberly Loaiza became independent and couldn’t wait to share that news with her followers.

With much happiness, Kim gave her followers a tour of her apartment.

“I wanted to show you my clean home, and that it smells good because that is transmitted,” he added.

The presenter spent several days fixing, decorating and tidying up her cozy apartment, which she named her “love nest”.

And although Kim needs some furniture, in her stories she told what she plans to place in each space.

“This is the trend now, meanwhile I sit down to eat at the table on the floor like a Chinese cross-legged,” he said.

The pretty presenter showed everything that could be bought: kitchen, fridge, washing machine, rice cooker, coffee maker, among other basic things to live comfortably.

Kim is so in love with her apartment that in past stories she had shown her ‘love nest’ on the outside and it turns out that it has a water fountain that has her completely enamored, because she imagines herself in a rocking chair by the window, with a glass of wine listening to the water from the fountain to relax.

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