Kimberly Loaiza’s husband is eating three paisa bands

Musical and family and romantic pairing is also made kimberly loaiza and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja have been filming in different parts of the world and taking their music, their productions and their talent to their thousands of fans.

For this reason, Colombia could not miss the tour that they have been doing for months and that makes their fans very excited. It was her first stop in the city of Bogotá and there she found a lot of love from her audience, besides giving herself the opportunity to get to know and enjoy the city with her children, who also went on musical tours with her.

But his second stop was in the city of Medellin where he has not performed musically, but there is no doubt that he has an audience that loves and admires him. That’s why they decided to show what they were doing in the city of Medellin and although they could have shown many things, they decided to do it with one in particular.

Kimberly Loaiza’s husband’s favorite Colombian food

on your Instagram account, kimberly loaiza He said he was in the city of eternal spring, but decided to go to a place that, although not spectacular, had, to him, the best Bandeja money in all of Colombia. It is worth noting that this was not the first time that they had been to that place and that they also considered the saying “one always returns to where one is happy”, to refer to the place where they had tasted delicious food. Had a meal

In the video you can see many things, first they were very excited because they were eating their favorite dishes in Colombia in Medellin, secondly everything they ate was very tasty to them and they felt themselves enjoying this dish. Declared a fan.

But what most highlighted his fans about his lunch was that Juan de Dios Pantoja decided to eat not one, not two, but three paise trays. The singer assures that “I don’t want to stop nor stop”, to refer to the fact that he is actually obsessed and in love with Bandeja Paisa, a very traditional dish of the Colombian Coffee Axis.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja’s kindness with people in Medellin

Later, not only the team accompanying him at the restaurant were surprised, but the site staff were also elated to see that the singer liked the paisa dish. That’s why he decided to ask for some pictures with them.

And they didn’t refuse, they both accompanied the staff and they allowed themselves to receive more love, moreover, many took advantage of the fact that their children or relatives were fans and made calls in which they did not hesitate to say hello. Didn’t and be very kind to all the employees of this place.

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