Kinds of Kindness – New Emma Stone Movie in Theaters! Is This Movie Good?

Sort these merchandise on June 26 at the cinema, Kindness to the premiere audience? Although it is expected to be a 2.7 on 5 of the Press Circle (29 critical articles) and 2.7 on 5 of the Public Circle, thanks to the 95 people* who are paying attention today (not 17 critical articles), a small selection of viewers.

Kinds of Kindness is a film that presents three stories about the cruelest and craziest people that are others. This film, presented as a triptych, opened the viewer to the limits of the possibilities of “encore plus waist”.

Les trois histoires, toutes jouées par les mêmes acteurs, sont Liées par des themes communs: le Gift de Soi et l’Emprise. In particular, the film reunites Jesse Plemons, Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe.

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Yorgos Lanthimos’ new feature film was lauded by Jesse Plemons and won the prestigious Cannes Interpretation Prize by a jury chaired by Greta Gerwig and noted by Omar Sy and Eva Green.

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Rixawom513 (5/5): “3 courts / moyens métrages autour des mêmes super acteurs! Emma Stone on top and in unexpected scenes. Drôle et decalé!

Mystical films (4/5): “The movie is absolutely f…

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“I Want More Confidence That I Don’t Import Another Realist”: Emma Stone Talks Her Work With Authorial Creations And Kindnesses In Cannes

This is the most original and bewildering film of life: after the Oscar, “Emma Stone” and the retrospective implementer “Pauvres Créatures”.

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