Kioo Medical & Beauty Center offers you aesthetic medicine treatments

Today medicine has had scientific advances by leaps and bounds in all its branches, one of them has been the innovations in aesthetic treatmentsAlthough endless myths and taboos have been heard about it, it is time to inform and talk about all its benefits.

“”Your body, your temple” that is his motto. Kioo Center is a concept that has the latest in aesthetic medicine treatments worldwide.

“It has comfortable and pleasant spaces with cutting-edge technology and a great team of specialists who accompany the patient at all times, making your visit a unique experience”

Yolnicte Bassave CEO of Kioo Center

This center offers multiple body and facial treatmentswhich celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Salma Hayek, among others, have adopted in their lifestyle, not only to look good, but also to feel good.

Featured facial procedures include: botox, fillers, hipro, Hollywood peel max, fhcellsamong others.

As for body treatments you can find: definition of buttocks, anti-cellulite, permanent laser hair removal, body transformationtattoo removal, underarm whitening, just to mention a few.

As for the medical protocol carried out in this center, all treatments are personalized, previously diagnosed and constantly supervised.

The center has a great differentiator that is reflected in all its medical-level processespersonalized treatment profiles, state-of-the-art equipment, and risk reduction in the application of different techniques.

Currently, they have two premium branches in the Mexico City located in Condesa and Bosques de las Lomasin addition to a branch in Cancun.

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