Kira’s sexual gift Looked at David Broncano in ‘La Resistencia’

Kira looked at the resistance

Kira’s sexual gift Miró at David Broncano

This Tuesday, Kira Miró visited The resistancefrom Movistar Plus+, to promote its latest fiction series on Netflix, Alpha Males, of which he confirmed that there will be a second season given the success obtained. But, before the talk and as soon as he arrived, the actress gave David Broncano a curious gift. In this case, one of sexual themes.

Was a sexually themed book focused on polyamory and opening the couple, which left the comedian perplexed. As she flipped through his content, she expressed his admiration at the number of consent contracts and questionnaires in it. “This is like going to the Treasury”, joked the presenter.

The clauses of an open relationship

The actress plays Light in Alpha Malesa 42-year-old woman who you want to turn your relationship into an open one, and you do not want to miss anything. Kira Miró gave the presenter a present that was related to it: “It is a book that my character gives to his boyfriend. It’s about opening the couple“.”It’s very interesting”, the actress continued, “It is a book that Alberto Caballero gave me before starting the series so that I could read it and understand a little why my character wants to open the couple and has this way of thinking”. To which Broncano wanted to know more about the character played by the canary.

My character is called Luz, she wants to open the couple, she is 42 years old and she does not want to miss anything: neither the warmth of home nor the warmth of a good embedment”, assured Miró, drawing applause from the public. Then, while the presenter leafed through some pages, he came across a kind of form prior to being filled out by couples with consent to different sexual practices.

As a kind of prior contract, if you are ok with doing it and with receiving it so that there is no confusion later”, clarified Broncano. After reading some clausesKira Miró tried to justify her conduct in ‘Machos Alfa’: “Maybe your partner likes you a lot in every way, but on a sexual level things are missing“.

His sentence caused the Galician presenter to want to know if Kira Miró was the same as Luz, although the actress dodged the question. “I’m not going to tell you about me“He said with a laugh. However, he gave an example to explain why the pair should open, which gave Broncano another idea: “It’s like subletting a flat”.

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