Kirsten Dunst, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba…in Los Angeles, the stars meet for a good cause

New Festival Celebration in Los Angeles. On the same day, November 11, the co-founders of Baby2Baby Association will share the names of people for a good cause. Kim Kardashian poses with Hailey Baldwin. With Justin Bieber’s wife Demi Lovato.

Between the two bouches, Heidi Klum poses with Zooey Deschanel and son Mary Jonathan Scott. The “New Girl” hero is on his second date with his son Kirsten Dunst alongside Jesse Plemons. After being photographed with Salma Hayek for four months, the two got married.

Suite is aware of this promotion

Sisters Richie are present

François-Henri Pinault’s company is on stage with Channing Tatum. The 57-year-old actress, divine in her green robe, received the Giving Tree Award for her extraordinary engagement in favor of the love of her life in Kiss the Children.

Suite is aware of this promotion

Vanessa Bryant attended the party. The veuveau of the basket holder has a beautiful red cloth studded with diamonds. A special pose with Jessica Alba and Snoop Dogg, among other appearances. Images of Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Wilde, Elsa Hosk, Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Hyland, Ari Fournier, Cole Sprouse, Sofia and Nicole Richie are on the coveted list.

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