Kirsten (Merck): “Bladder therapy is the most important for our company”

“Avelumab represents the most important pipeline for our company, the largest in the field of oncology: it deals with fighting bladder cancer and we do it for patients, mainly men, who need it. For us, the alliance with Pfizer clearly means strengthening our presence on the market and, above all, pursuing research and innovation in the interest of patients. Avelumab is a product that we have been able to develop for the benefit of patients and which will be able to demonstrate its superiority also for their well-being “. So at Adnkronos Salute Jan Kirsten, president and CEO of Helthcare Merck Italia, on the day of the launch of the drug avelumab, the result of the Merck-Pfizer alliance. The presentation of the therapy, already available in Italy after Aifa’s ok for the reimbursement of the drug, this morning on the occasion of the press conference “Let’s give time to the present”, an event promoted by Merck and Pfizer.

“We have already worked in this area – emphasizes Kirsten – that of the fight against cancer, above all because they represent a long-term investment. The first time we developed a drug in oncology was 18 years ago and now avelumab to fight bladder cancer ”.

“Our business, our company is mainly driven by research which is Merck’s greatest interest: in Italy in particular we have more than 16 centers that have provided us with the data for this study and before obtaining the reimbursement of avelumab we had already given early access to the drug to 470 patients, simply on the basis of our desire to help them even before having official registration from AIFA “, he concludes.

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