“Kleo”, by Netflix: the revenge of the antiheroine | The German production consists of eight episodes

the adventure of Cleo (premiere of Netflix last Friday) begins around 1987 with the actions of a very young and deadly Stasi spy. Period and character, derived from other productions such as Deutschland 83 Y killing eve. The first for the rhythm printed by characters from the RDA during the throes of the Cold War. The second for the charm of the protagonist, a girl who changes names and wigs, as sadistic as she is playful in her work. Self-aware, retro-monic and with a perverse sense of pop, this is the latest company of audiovisual kraut in a serial format that debuts the red N after the enormous success of proposals such as Dark, How To Sell Drugs online Y berlin dogsamong other.

“This is a true story. None of this really happened”, ironically the disclaimer at the beginning of this issue. During its eight episodes, her anti-heroine will embark on a journey of self-discovery and revenge. The first sequence shows the agent operating with confidence and style in West Berlin. Kleo Straub (a charismatic Jella Haase), eliminates a target in a bowling alley, eats a sausage and proudly returns to the other side of the iron curtain. Life seems to smile on this black widow raised by her grandfather, a high command of the Teutonic communist secret service. Until someone in “the firm” betrays her and the twenty-year-old spends three years locked up. When she leaves prison, around May 1990, in Germany there is already talk of “winds of change” and they have said goodbye to Comrade Lenin.

The protagonist, obviously, will want revenge and solve the conspiracy that put her in the sights of the enemies. In this way, she will eliminate whoever gets in front of her. With shots, explosions and more elaborate techniques such as extracting poison from a puffer fish to make a lethal powder. The only guy who has a clue about this woman is Sven (Dimitrij Schaad), a policeman from the FRG intrigued by the modus operandi and panache exuded by his prey. The journey will take them through the chaotic Berlin of reunification, industrial music clubs, farms in Spain and the Atacama desert in search of an enigmatic red briefcase. The trio of German creators, signing as HaRiBo (Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, Bob Konrad), take satire to a point where it’s hard to tell the flavors apart. A very bloody comedy with a character crossed by tragedy? A dark and unintentionally funny thriller? A screeching espionage trip of pop references? All of this is Kleo, who conscientiously plays with the clichés of the two Germanys: in the west everything is phosphorescent in color and cynicism reigns, while sadness and gray tones dominate the east.

In its reconstruction of the zeitgeist of the fall of the Wall, the proposal mixes feature films such as goodbye lenin (Wolfgang Becker; 2003), gotcha (Jeff Kanew; 1985) and Atomic (David Leitch; 2017). Cleo -he- has fun with his pastiche that combines Trabant cars and adrenaline, Europop and Inti Illimani songs. But the gold medal goes to Haase who brings to life this complicated machine assembled by the Stasi. To all this, how will tarantinesque be pronounced in German?


* Paramount+ will premiere the fifth and final season of The Handmaid’s Tale next September 18. The conclusion of the dystopian saga promises one more battle between June (Elisabeth Moss) and Serena (Yvonne Strahovski). To the horror of the protagonist, Gilead has managed to mutate and begins to stomp on Canada. Every Sunday there will be a new episode on the streaming platform.

* The UN3 channel has just premiered three more months. Web series of microepisodes about love in digital times that follows Matías (Manu Fanego) and Valeria (Mercedes Cech). The girl extended his postgraduate studies in Spain, he is lost in Buenos Aires. The ocean of distance between them features 5 ex-partners, 2 mutual friends, some entanglements, and a dead cat. Its directors are Anahí Sinatra and Martín Busacca.

* Star+ just revealed the first images of their series Welcome to the Chippendale. The installment will tell the story of Somen Banerjee (Kumail Nanjiani), the founder of the largest empire of male strippers in the United States. To get to the point, the docuseries The Chippendales Murders (A&E) is recommended, which explored that underworld full of oiled bodies and scandals. It can be seen on the History Play streaming platform.


Viserys Targaryen’s House of the Dragon (Paddy Considine). Boss of Westeros. Warm, kind and decent king who only wants to carry on the family legacy. Not to be confused with his descendant of the same name who ended up in game of Thrones with boiling metal in the head.

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