Klopp and Pochettino, DT’s who refused to direct the Mexican National Team Halftime

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Guillermo Cantú, former director of National Teamsrevealed that before choosing Gerardo Martino as DT of threeHe searched among various candidates for two high-class coaches, but they rejected the Mexican team.

Memo Cantú had to hire Juan Carlos Osorio and to daddy, in the last two World Cup cycles, but he remembered those anecdotes with that pair of helmsmen; he revealed on ESPN that they were Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettinowho were on the list before Martino.

“There were several very interesting names, although it is irrelevant to mention them all… For example: I always liked Klopp; he had just left the (Borussia) Dortmund, we contacted him and the answer was that in his professional plan he was not going to take any selection at the moment. Thank you very much for contacting him and taking an interest.”

“What’s next from this? You take it out of the possible list … We didn’t even go into the issue of money and work equipment, or methodology, or anything. To what follows. And so you go one by one,” Cantú said .

“I also went to see Pochettino, I love how he plays, how he trains. I’ve had the ‘chance’ to talk to him, I’ve gone to visit him and we’ve talked long and hard. And at that time, it wasn’t necessarily candidate, because he had a very cool project in Tottenham“.

What did Pochettino answer?

“He told me: ‘It’s because I have everything I need here, I don’t want to leave this job… But come and talk; look, I trained like that’. I love being a coach. And after having talked with him, too … He has a great work team. (Today) I don’t know if he enters into the issue of the budget in Mexico,” added Cantú.

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