Klopp answers Guardiola after assuring that England is Red

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The stuff on the top of the Premier is it so tense after what Pep Guardiola assured that second place, Liverpoolis he England’s favorite team for gain the English league. These words obviously reached Jürgen Kloppwho took it calmly, although he did answered to the Spanish strategist.

I have no idea if the whole country supports us. It is not the feeling that I have when we go to other places to play, in reality it is quite the opposite,” said the German in the first instance.

Klopp added that simply in Liverpoohe only 50 percent of the amateurs of the city ​​want than the Reds win the League, since the hobby of the Everton prefer That crown the Pep Guardiola outfit because of the rivalry that exists.

“I live in Liverpool and yes, many people here want us to win the league, that’s true; but even here probably it is only 50% because the rest (referring to Everton fans) they are involved in another fight, at least until yesterday“.

The German claimed that Guardiola could be in a tough spot by elimination from Championswhich would have motivated the controversial statements he expressed to beIN Sports.

I don’t know what situation Pep was in, later of being removed of the League from championswhich in itself is difficult to accept, but then on top of that Liverpool reaches the Final (of the Champions League), and then they say things like: ‘They only faced Villarreal and we faced Madrid’, and you say what you say”.

City will reach matchday 36 -of 38- of the Premier with three more points that he Liverpool. Guardiola’s pupils have everything to win the English League, since they accumulate a total of 86 units, while the Reds stayed at 83.

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