Klopp praises Luis Díaz in Liverpool but lands him: he demands to speak English and demand twice as much | Colombians Abroad

Among the many advantages that Luis Díaz has having arrived at a club like Liverpool, there is one that is definitive for his profession and his personal life: at all times they remind him that he is on the road and not at the final destination, that he cannot accommodate to praise and that, whatever he does, he will always have something more to improve.

It is a bit what coach Jürgen Klopp does when asked about the signing, about the great adaptation and performance of his newest pupil.

“Usually that’s really tough, but since he didn’t have to change, we’ve got a guy with a lot of confidence. He was in a very good moment with Porto, playing well for Colombia, so he came full of confidence. We try to make sure he doesn’t lose that, we want it to be natural.”Klopp said in a chat with Sky Sports.

The forced landing, when there is so much talk about the Colombian in England and in Europe, is a necessity: “Nothing has happened yet. Yes, the beginning has been very good. But he is a long-term project for us and we are a long-term project for him. There is much more to come”, explained the German.

And in this process, as was foreseen, it is not that they are going to have inexhaustible patience with the basic issue of communication, which for now, as Firmino has said, is done in a mixture of ‘Spanglish’ and ‘Portuñol’: “with Louis, for obvious reasons, there is a language problem. I don’t speak Spanish, he doesn’t speak English. He is learning, I am not, so we will have to wait until his English improves. Until then, we have a lot of people here who constantly talk to him. But obviously it’s quite natural. That’s why he plays the way he plays, ”warned the DT.

So it’s going well but the work is just beginning and it’s early to draw conclusions. Liverpool is more than just good feelings and you have to do much more than everything Luis Díaz has done to be up to the task.

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