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TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- “At the roundabout take the second exit”, is heard inside a moving vehicle. It looks like the GPS of Google Maps… but no.

A few seconds later, the camera – which records the journey with a hitherto unknown direction – turns towards the rear of the car. Suddenly, the face of a smiling young woman appears.

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“Don’t pass it on. This is the second outing, don’t run over that boy”, she continues after breaking into a wide smile.

Is about Nikki Garciathe hitherto unknown woman who gives voice to the GPS from Google Maps.

The young woman did not want to miss the opportunity to joke with her friends, who were traveling in the same car, during their way home.

“My friends Juan and Ana are taking me to the hotel and I have told them not to put the GPS, that I will tell them,” García posted on Twitter along with the video that has already gone viral.

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The recording has reached more than 850 thousand reproductions, a multitude of tweets and comments that continue to add up with the passing of the hours.

Who is Nikki Garcia?

The woman defines herself on her social networks as “actress, singer and voice of many things”.

In addition, his resume highlights the release of two studio albums, ‘We have something’ in 2017 and ‘Paisaje Temporal’ in 2019. And as if that were not enough, he also gives voice to Jasmine in the movie ‘Aladdin’.

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