Konami apologizes and returns to update PES 2021

If Konami’s latest updates don’t mean you turned up White flag on the disastrous launch of eFootball, probably not much missing: the relaunch of the well-known football series has in fact not achieved the desired effects at all.

To give an idea of ​​how paradoxical the situation has become, just look at the latest update on the social networks of eFootball: Konami has not only apologized to its users, but has decided to even come back to update PES 2021, the previous chapter.

Needless to say, the chaotic launch did nothing but give free field to the rival FIFA 22, which in the first days reached over 400 million games played.

A situation that culminated with the announcement of the postponement of the important update, of the mobile versions and of the refund of the DLC, which he may have placed a tombstone on the project, very difficult to revive.

The postponement of the 1.0.0 update has indeed sparked a lot of controversy of fans, who will in fact see the free-to-play title updated only near the end of the current season.

Konami itself has hinted that it is more than aware of the disaster caused by eFootball, to the point of announcing the sensational decision to return to offer new content on PES 2021.

The publisher has in fact apologized for the problems encountered on eFootball, communicating that users of PES 2021 will be able to enjoy new content: anyone who completes the myClub tutorial will receive 2,000 coins, while they will return at the same time Matchday, Vs COM and Special Agents events.

The developers also admitted that they seriously considered the idea of renew and extend licenses present on PES 2021, but the decision was discarded due to Technical Problems.

Regard eFootball, the team is currently fully committed to work on the major update (v.1.0.0) to make sure it has the quality you deserve.

However, this does not mean that you should be deprived of being able to enjoy the current version of the game, so we will continue to hold in-game events. Please continue to give your support to both PES 2021 that a eFootball 2022 “.

It is difficult to remember other cases of a launch of a new chapter that went so badly that it forced the developers not only to keep the previous episode alive, but also to seriously consider the idea of ​​renewing it to make it current.

At this point, it is possible to say that eFootball it certainly was a missed opportunity from Konami: we will see if it will be able to recover and if next year this experiment will be repeated, or if instead it will return to the dear old PES.

We remember that the anger of the users was in fact so wide to bring eFootball to become the most hated game ever on Steam: a negative record that continues to hold even today.

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