Konami has three Silent Hill games in development according to different ‘insiders’

This Friday the insider specializing in horror games “Dusk Golem” leaked various concept arts of a Silent Hill which is supposedly in development by Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear), who announced an agreement with Konami for an unspecified project in June 2021. Until a few hours ago, leaks pointed to the fact that there are two games in development: the one from Bloober Team and another from a major Japanese developer, presumably Kojima Productions. But no: apparently there is three titles of the saga Silent Hill in the stoves. Of course, Konami has not officially announced anything from this.

Andy Robinson, media journalist VGCwrote on Twitter on the afternoon of Saturday, May 14: “From what I understand, at least three projects in different studios could currently be in development.” In February of last year, before Bloober Team announced the deal with Konami, they said they were working on a horror IP from a “famous publisher.” Robinson published an article about this, but added that, according to his own sources, a prominent Japanese development studio also is working on the series. Although he also said that this game would be revealed in the summer of 2021, something that did not happen.

Said insider “Dusk Golem” has picked up Robinson’s message, corroborating it: “The three games of Silent Hill they are true. Technically there are four, but actually there are threeAlthough he doesn’t clarify what he means by that changing number, he adds: “There’s a LOT more going on with the intellectual property of Silent Hill than people think right now, and many of these projects are further along than people might expect“.

The three Silent Hill: Bloober, Kojima, and virtual reality?

The same user points out that Konami began with its plans to revitalize the saga Silent Hill (as they are also supposedly doing with Castlevania Y metalgear) in 2018 making two video games, but that idea evolution in “3.5 projects” (again, he does not clarify what he means). Thus, according to rumours, there would be one developed by Bloober Team, another by Kojima Productions that would be financed in part by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and an unknown third party. In March, Konami updated the registration of the horror mark, but adding a previously non-existent piece of information: a mention of the virtual reality.

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