Konnan reveals: when I arrived in Mexico I did not know who El Santo was

At the beginning of the 1990s, the world of mexican wrestling was interrupted by a character who immediately drew attention to his musculature, his mask and his colorful clothingit was about Charles Santiago Swordbetter known as Konnan.

The gladiator of Cuban origin made his presentation in the call Cathedral of Mexican wrestling: La Arena México; situation that Konnan confess, at that time it was just another arenasince he was ignorant of the mexican wrestlingWell, I didn’t even know who he was. The Saintsince the I came from living in Miami and brought an ideology completely different from the Mexican.

Not many people know this, but I was not a ‘fan boy’, a guy who played wrestling. I grew up in Miami, I (when I arrived in Mexico) I didn’t know who El Santo was, who Blue Demond waswhen people told me about them I didn’t even take into account. The only person I knew in the United States was Mil Mascaras“, began to recount Konnan on the YouTube channel called El Blog de la Lucha.

He debuted against great legends

Konnan explained that when he arrived in Mexico he had to face great legends of the pancratiumalthough he was not even aware of the rivals in front of him and the same thing happened with the Arena Mexico.

When I arrived I debuted with Fishman, Canek, Dos Caras, the Villain… I didn’t even know who they were. When I arrived at the Arena México ‘x’, because I didn’t grow up watching the Arena México. Obviously when I arrived and saw that it was filling up, well yes…

Nevertheless, Charles Santiago Sword recognized that when he had his rivalry against the Aguayo Dogwho took off his mask in a crowd at the Arena Mexico, began to measure what Mexican wrestling was all about.

“I remember I had a clipping in my house that said ‘Konan and Perro Aguayo filled the Arena México for five consecutive weeks’. At that time it was a record. Those things shocked me because here or in China getting 15,000 people is not easy. I learned what it was a long time later, when I had left, “she concluded.

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