Korean Clothing Brands Approved By K-Pop Idols

Stan Loona! Brutal choreography, super rhythms catchy and clearly some outfits that we want to replicate. We have to admit it, and it is that we, like the rest of the world, have become die-hard fans of K-Pop. Although it seems like just a musical genre, it has unleashed a whole wave of cultural and social aspects, and this has been mainly reflected in fashion. If you, like us, love to see the looks of the boybands or those of all the members of Blackpink, you will want to continue reading. K-Pop stars love these clothing brands and you will too.

BTS, Twice, Blackpink. The list of K-Pop groups is endless and they are just a few of our favourites. The whole world agrees that there is no red carpet without their presence, because for some reason they always have the most iconic looks that are out of the ordinary. The K-Pop sensation completely revolutionized the industry, changing how groups work and also how we listen to music, but it has also revolutionized fashion, imposing much more energetic styles and super modern silhouettes and prints.

K-Pop style clothing is characterized by several things but the main one is definitely always what bold What is it. Whether it’s exaggerated silhouettes, weird textures or over-the-top prints, you’re never going to see a boring K-Pop look. In a certain way, he also questions the ideas of gender, since he creates a dominant image for women and takes care of softening men. With all this, we have given ourselves the task of looking for those brands that our idols love, and that you are going to love too, whether you are K-Pop Stan or not.

The clothing brands that K-Pop stars love


“Obsession with aesthetics” is the motto of Maison KIM HĒKIM. With exaggerated silhouettes and high volumes, it has become a cult brand in South Korea for how it questions and reconstructs the body’s silhouette. He creates an imagery in which he takes inspiration from the typical Korean clothing, which is the Hanbok, and fuses it with the sobriety of Western clothing to create a hybrid look between the traditional and the postmodern.

His work has become a favorite of our favorite it-girls like Blackpink’s Rosé, Gigi Hadid, and even Ho-Yeon Jung.

Studio K

Scandi meets cool. We’ve all been fans of Matilda Djerf’s super minimalist style, and Studio K goes so far as to create comfortable minimalism combined with modern looks.

It incorporates many touches of color in pastels but always lying classic silhouettes. The fun comes in with technology, which allows you to create AR (Augmented Reality) collections and try-on filters for the garments.

Expired Girl

This brand has it all in terms of trends that arise every day. With a Gen Z aesthetic that fits between the Euphoria-core and other thousands of cores, like the soft girl and even the ballerina-girl.

Although it has an aesthetic similar to Y2K, it remains quite neutral and without exaggerating it. A k-pop style clothing brand that we love and definitely want more than one piece of clothing.

Yuul Yie

Surreal ideas inspired by nature and created through artificial intelligence allow for shoe silhouettes that are inundated with unexpected color combinations and elements such as crystals, buttons and studs. When we say that you need comfortable and cool shoes to finish your looks, we are definitely talking about Yuul Yie.


If there is a K-Pop style clothing brand that we are obsessed with, it is this one. Kaimin is a brand based in New York but from a Korean creator that completely reconfigures fashion. A high-tech brand created by women with a presence in the Metaverse.

Reconfigures the boundaries of fashion by questioning gender, sexual diversity and the physical means to create clothing. Beloved by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Bjork, she has become an international sensation. Best of all, it has prices starting at USD$50.

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