Kourtney Kardashian almost misses her sheer lace top in a new preview of the Hulu reality show’s second season

KOURTNEY Kardashian almost shows off her sheer lace top in a new preview of the family’s Hulu reality show for their second season.

The Kardashian-Barker bride teased, “Well guess what? as she amazed in the sexy set.

Fans are speculating about the content of the acclaimed family show's second season after calling the first season a


Kourtney, 43, wore a head-turning outfit in the latest Kardashian Hulu Season 2 trailer.

Kris Jenner, 66, posted the teaser to her Instagram and Kourtney debuted the trailer.

She wore a white lace strapless top that hugged every inch of her curves.

Her hair was styled in a short black cropped bob and she accessorized the lace outfit with shimmering silver cross necklaces.

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Kourtney was seen jumping to straddle her husband Travis Barker, 46, and posing in a sexy black dress in the trailer.


Her sisters Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie also made appearances in the clip.

Khloe partied in a skin-tight blue mini dress and the family posed for magazine covers and red carpets.

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Kim said, “No matter how crazy things get, we will always be a family. »

A red-haired Kendall said, “We really are a dream team here. »


In July, Kourtney gave the first look at season two of the Hulu show – which received a second season even though fans criticized the show for being too boring.

Kourtney, 43, posted a preview of the show’s filming on her Instagram story.

In the photo, the Poosh founder captures an image from her Star Waggon hair and makeup trailer on a studio lot.

Star Waggon trailers are a staple of any film production in Southern California.

Kourtney captioned the photo, “ [big eyes emoji] @kardashianshulu. »

Although it looks like production on season two of the Hulu series has already begun, many fans weren’t too thrilled with the product that was the show’s first season.


Recently, some Kardashian fans slammed the Hulu reality series as “boring,” calling it the “worst show ever” and calling for it to be canceled after just one season.

The Kardashians appeared on TV screens after the family’s famous split with E! in 2021 with the first episode of the series releasing on April 14, 2022 on Hulu.

The last episode of the first season aired on June 15, and fans were not happy.

Fans have taken to social media to voice their grievances over the first season and say it should be cancelled.

One fan wrote, “I fast forwarded on at least 1/3 of every episode. »

“It’s so dryyyy,” they continued.

Another wrote, “If they get a second season I would be amazed because the first season sucked so much. »

One fan complained that the show spent too much time on Kim, saying, “I loved KUWTK, it was funny, unpredictable, lighthearted and chaotic in the best way.

“This new show is just one long ad campaign about how amazing Kim is. I am so disappointed. »

Many agreed that the show spent too much time on Kim’s appearance on SNL.

One fan wrote, “The SNL storyline, which is about three episodes long, was too much…I don’t even think his own family cared that much about it being that long.” »

Others think this season was just a warm-up for things to come.

“Expect more from Pete, come Met Gala, wedding, Khloé might move on, Kylie being a mother of two and Kendall showing more of her personal life in Season 2,” a fan predicted.


As fans speculate on what content will be featured for season two, Kourtney has been praised for showing off her real “wrinkles and skin texture” in unedited photos.

While on a trip to the lake last week, Kourtney posted a photo of herself in a tight black swimsuit.

Kourtney ditched her glam routine and hit the waters barefaced.

Wrinkles on her cheeks and lines under her armpits could be seen as she soaked up the sun.

Kourtney captioned her post, “I love the lake life. »

Fans gushed in the comments section about how the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum shared her true self in the snaps.

One fan said, “Looks like it could be anyone’s Instagram pics, and I like that. Not super smoothed or edited. »

Another fan added, “I love that she doesn’t seem obsessed with ‘perfection’ like her other sisters.

“She posts a lot more realistic photos, real body photos (I’m sure there is some editing but not to the extreme) and from all angles. I applaud him for that. »

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A third fan agreed and noted, “Kourtney is showing a lot more folds, skin texture, wrinkles, ‘tummy’ etc. »

A fourth person replied, “She is gorgeous. I love that her photos don’t look like a full photoshoot, but are just naturally taken. »

Kourt turned heads in the trailer for her sexy see-through outfits


Kourtney also rode her new hubby Travis Barker while jumping to give him a kiss in the trailer


Her sisters Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie were also featured in the season two trailer and promised a lot more drama


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