Kourtney Kardashian wears a daring dress

kourtney kardashian took to her Instagram account to show off her daring Balmain dress.

But it’s not just any dress, the Kardashian outfit is an optical illusion, made to look like a statuesque nude body. The curve-hugging dress even includes cherubs on the back, which can be seen in the shots Kardashian shared as she turned away.

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“If you need to make a call, hang up and try again,” Kardashian, 43, wrote in her Instagram caption.

The set of photos, which look like they might have been taken in an elevator, also included a video clip of a phone reciting that exact message.

Feedback on her look was largely mixed, with some people raving about the bold look while others found it polarizing.

While Kourtney’s husband, Travis Barker, has yet to weigh in on his wife’s daring dress, he’s been pretty obvious about his love for her, thanks to a recent tattoo of her eyes that he got in her honor.

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The Blink-182 drummer, 47, revealed a new tattoo on Instagram with a photo showing a close-up of the design.

The last tattoo is not the first that the rocker gets in honor of his wife. He had previously shown that he has the words ‘I love you’ tattooed in cursive, done by Kourtney herself.

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