Kris Jenner and her former bodyguard have another year to resolve sexual harassment dispute

Kris Jenner and her former bodyguard have another year to settle their sexual harassment dispute. Credit:Bang Showbiz

Kris Jenner and her former bodyguard have another year to settle their sexual harassment dispute. Credit:Bang Showbiz

Kris Jenner and her former bodyguard have been given 13 months to settle their sexual harassment case against her.

The star of ‘The Kardashians’ was accused of groping Marc McWilliams and also making racist and homophobic comments from 2017 to 2019, but after the case failed to be resolved through private arbitration, the Superior Court of Los Angeles, now granted an extension.

They now have until February 14, 2024 to finalize details, and the judge warned the couple that he hopes the arbitration will be ready by then.

At a status hearing on Friday, where neither Kris nor his former employee were present, the judge asked the lawyers for both sides:

‘This is taking a long time. What’s going on?’

According to DailyMail.com, McWilliams’ lawyer, Sean Novak, explained that a private judge had been selected to oversee the case in proceedings scheduled for December this year, but Jenner’s legal representative, Mihelle Doolin, questioned whether had been scheduled, prompting the judge to set a new hearing date.

Marc previously claimed that he had been unfairly fired from his job and accused the 65-year-old mother of making comments of a sexual nature to him, referring to his physique and questioning him about his sexual activities, as well as instigating intimate physical contact.

The original submission read:

‘Between May 2017 and September 12, 2018, Defendant Jenner began to bring her body into intimate physical contact with the body of [McWilliams] repeatedly and frequently and to make overt comments of a sexual nature to [McWilliams] on a repeated basis’.

However, Kris insisted that the claims made by the security guard, who also alleged that he was fired after complaining about reduced hours and lack of meal breaks to the company that had hired him, are completely false.

His attorney, Marty Singer, commented:

‘Your absurd accusations are clearly fabricated and contrary to easily confirmed facts. Kris never acted inappropriately with him. The security company stopped assigning McWilliams to work there after the guard was repeatedly caught sleeping in his car at work. Significantly, McWilliams never made any complaints to his employer about Kris until he came up with this ridiculous claim a year later.

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