Kris Jenner goes natural to share her beauty routine

By Sophie J.

– Published on 31 Jul 2022 at 19:02

Kris Jenner has decided to share her beauty routine on her daughter, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. And she looks natural!

The Kardashian sisters’ mom has decided to share her beauty routine with Internet users. Indeed, Kris Jenner, 66, shared a video on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. Inside, she explains each step of her evening routine. At the same time, she advertises her daughter Kim, since these are the beauty products of her brand, SKKN. Kris Jenner announces at the start of the video: “I’m over 60, so finding a new routine that really works for me is absolutely brilliant. I remember the first days when I tried it. I went down to my house and my cousin came into the room and told me ‘Wow! What have you done to your skin?’ The Kardashian mom announces: “So I knew Kim had the right end. I would just like to share my evening routine with you, and you will love it too! »

She begins with the cleanser, calling it “really light, but it removes all makeup very well”. She then exfoliates the skin on her face, with another of the SKKN products. Kris Jenner explains: “It’s so light and really not irritating. It’s very pleasant, and it really feels like a good deep cleaning. » She then uses the toner, revealing that she didn’t usually put any on before. The next step is that of hyaluronic acid serum. She applies it all over her face, but also on her neckline. Kris Jenner explains: “I put it so low because I think it’s very important, especially when you get older. » The Kardashian mom follows up with vitamin C8 serum, which makes her ” very happy “.

Kris Jenner has a very complete routine

Kris Jenner then uses a face cream. She spreads the rest on her hands, because she doesn’t want “not waste”. Her routine ends with night oil and eye cream. Kim Kardashian’s mom explains her routine is “a bit different” from that of his daughter. She explains : “But I’m a bit old-fashioned. And Kim, don’t be mad, but I put my eye cream on last.” Afterwards, you can choose your own way to proceed. I think it’s important to do as you feel. And we are ready for the night! » In any case, we are delighted to finally know Kris Jenner’s beauty routine. Indeed, at 66, she is resplendent! And now we know all its secrets!

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