Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together again on screen

They became one of the most admired couples in show business, on and off the big screen. And even her love story has accompanied us on more than one rainy afternoon in the company of our best friends. and although their relationship ended thirteen years ago and their careers have taken them to projects where we never imagined finding them, recently there have been rumors about a new collaboration between this couple… that will have nothing to do with the movie that catapulted them to fame.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson found success after playing the leads in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, Twilight. Recently he became a child of the night again by starring in the new film by Batman; she, for her part, was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Princess Diana in spencer. Stewart is also part of the cast of the latest film of the controversial David Cronenbergwho in 1996 directed Crash: Strange Pleasures.

The Canadian filmmaker, recognized for his controversial films and his handling of body horrorhas already worked individually with the couple on previous projects: in 2012 Pattinson starred in Cosmopolis, while Stewart appears alongside Viggo Mortensen and Léa Sedoux in Crimes Of The Future, a film that premiered at the most recent edition of the Film Festival. Cannes cinema.

During this event, Cronenberg revealed that he has the perfect film in mind for both actors: “It was actually Robert who introduced me to Kristen. They have developed beautifully as actors,” the director told the media, “I definitely thought of a movie or idea that it would be great to have them both together. I don’t want to say much, because it won’t be my next movie.”

Faced with speculation that the project could involve a romance between vampires or werewolves, the director revealed that those who expect a revival of #TeamEdward will be upset by the plot. “It could be problematic as fans expect a certain type of relationship and that gets in the way of creating new characters. I have a feeling it will be very controversial”, he declared.

Regarding his previous experiences working with said artists, David Cronenberg revealed that he enjoys filming with Pattinson and Stewart. “Kristen and and we had a great time, and Rob and I had a great time. For me, yeah, I can definitely think of a movie, or idea, that it would be great to work with both”. The director also mentioned that he is glad that their careers have been separated from the roles they played in the Twilight saga, and that he also admires the independent film successes that the actor and actress have reaped in recent years. .

Among his future projects, Pattinson is preparing for the sequel to The Batman, while Stewart is in pre-production on his new movie, Love Lies Bleeding.

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