Kristen Stewart celebrates her birthday showing her most romantic side with her fiancee

Kristen Stewart Is living one of the best moments of his life, both professionally and emotionally. This has been demonstrated by the actress for her 32nd birthday, with some romantic photographs with her fiancee Dylan Mayer.

Although the protagonist of ‘Spencer’ does not have social networks, his fiancée usually posts quite a few photos with her, where it shows how in love they are.

A birthday full of love

It was for his 32nd birthday, when Dylan Meyer has dedicated some precious words to him on her Instagram account, and thanks to her, we have been able to see what Kristen Stewart is really like away from the cameras.

“Another lap around the sun, time suits you very well” Dylan said on his Instagram account along with a romantic photo where They appear kissing.

There were many who left congratulatory comments on the publication, many celebrities from the world of film and television, including Paris Hilton.

A very tender and intimate facet which is unusual for Kristen Stewart. However, it seems that she is so in love, that she cannot avoid these gestures of love when she is close to Dylan. We could also see it in the oscars red carpetwhere the couple shared passionate kisses again.

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer | Getty

a beautiful love story

Meyer and Stewart They met on a movie set in 2013, but only started dating after reconnecting in 2019. They got engaged last year, but have yet to make their ceremony and party plans public.

Dylan Meyer is a screenwriter and is currently working with Kristen to create a television series together.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Stewart confessed that at first I was nervous about working with Meyer. “You don’t want it to affect this beautiful relationship that you have,” the Oscar-nominated actress explained, before revealing that she and Dylan wrote the first episode in a week and a half.

“As if we discovered a super brain,” Kristen said, adding: “She’s a really brilliant screenwriter.”

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