Kristen Stewart, Hunter Schafer and Natalie Portman go on video shoots

Now American actresses Hunter Schafer, Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman have enthusiastically begun creating videos.

Apres Charlotte LeBon, Drew Barrymore, Asia Argento, Olivia Wilde, Laura Smet or the encore Gia Coppola, actresses continue to walk past the camera to prove that they are good music video actresses. And souvent, il s’agit d’un Galop d’essai avant un premier long-métrage…

1. Video for French artists with Natalie Portman’s autograph

Natalie Portman This device was featured in videos by Devendra Banhart and others. James Blake. More in May 2022, Celle, which will leave more court meters behind the camera. Actress black Swanreturn to poster Thor: Love and Thunderto actually make a video for French electric products Rob (a regular at BO movies) and Jack Lahan. A clip illustrating the summer morceau Upper Season I sang in honor of the Phoenix leader while watching Naissante’s love story on a private beach. This video also features an actor-reenforcer with a pledge in France for a whole cage that became the embodiment of a hexagonal choreographer: Benjamin Millepied.

3. Kristen Stewart’s New Rock Adventure

This week, actress Kristen Stewart, who released a video for churchessort a long video – a compilation of three chansons – for an independent rock band boygeniuswho are releasing their premiere album on March 31st, Recording. The beginning of a trio created by musicians Julien Baker. Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. This video is a long film shot on the rock music scene in the world in the countryside, in the cities and in the oneiric, but we can be sure that this is an avant-garde film of the future, which is realistic. Judging by the fact that Kristen Stewart is in the filming of the film adaptation of the book by American melodrama Lidiya Yuknavitch, Chronology of water (Fluid mechanics in french). L’ouvrage choc, rep très cru, published in 2011, follows the life of de l’écrivaine, born into a difficult family, with an alcoholic mother and a sexually abusive father. Accro à la drogue et à l’alcool, la jeune femme parvient Finalement à intrer à l’université, grâce à la natation, où elle trouvera refuge in literature and literature. It will be an actress Imogen Poots who played the main role.

The Record (2023) by Boygenius, available.

2. Trash video and lyrics by Hunter Schafer for “Girl in Red”

A few days before the video with Natalie Portman, released in May 2022, this is an already realized clip Hunter Schafersublime star of the TV series “Phenomenon” Euphoria. Il s’agit d’un small movie is intended to illustrate the title Hornylovelonging de l’auteure-compositrice-interpretation of norwegian indie rock Lady in Red. The garbage atmosphere, nocturne and poetics of the video are reminiscent of ADN from the series that made the actress famous. De quoi patient before entering the third season of the show, a breathtaking spectacle on stage Zendayathe distribution date of which has not yet been announced.

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