Kristen Stewart in a shorts suit at the Oscars

Just telling Kristen Stewart not to do something makes her feel tempted to do it. Tonight, the actress has not been able to resist skipping the ‘dress code’ that she wanted to follow on the red carpet of the 2022 Oscars and, as expected, it has become a ‘trending topic’ as soon as she arrived at Dolby Theater of Los Angeles. The actress has attended the gala with a jacket and shorts suit that was quite a statement of intent. Although her choice will raise very conflicting opinions, there is no doubt that she will go down in the history of shocking looks on the Oscars red carpet.

This year, the film academy celebrates its 94th edition of the Oscars in 2022, it had asked all its guests to respect a most traditional code of etiquette. The ‘black tie’ style was required, which is the most rigorous dress code. This decision, of course, has been the subject of controversy because this strict dress code means that women are forced to wear a long evening dress or a cocktail dress below the knees. This leaves suits, jumpsuits and short pieces out of the game, all of them very elegant options and that many women prefer to feel comfortable on formal occasions.

As a symbol of rebellion, there are many who have chosen to skip this dress code and the most viral of the red carpet has been Kristen Stewart. As a good ambassador for Chanel, the 2022 Oscar nominee for her brilliant performance in the film Spencer has opted for a design by the French house. Honoring the singular personality of the ‘maison’ and his own, He has opted for a tailored suit made up of a fitted black satin blazer and matching very short shorts. He also wanted to give it a groundbreaking touch and break with the protocol required by the 2022 Oscars, wearing the shirt completely unbuttoned.

kristen stewart in shorts at the oscars 2022

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A few months ago, the actress already referred to her indifference to the awards with some controversial statements in which she said: “I don’t give a shit. The Oscars are such a funny thing. There are so many incredible movies and performances that are barely seen. It clearly says something about where we are in terms of cumulative presence, and what we’re looking at and what we care about.”. Although we are convinced that something must matter to her about being nominated for these 2022 Oscars, Kristen Stewart has wanted to emphasize with this cheeky styling her position against conventions.

Of this look of Kristen Stewart, it is also necessary to highlight the spectacular pendant she has worn. Dressing his chest between the off-white chiffon shirt, he has worn a scandalous jewel with diamonds arranged like a tie. Her shoes, classic black pumps, were also Chanel.

This Oscar 2022 red carpet has also been very special for Kristen Stewart because she has attended accompanied by her fiancee for the first time. It has arrived from the hand of Dylan Meyer, who has also opted for a suit with a jacket and black pants, although his was more discreet.

kristen stewart in shorts at the oscars 2022

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