Kristen Stewart is determined to make her directorial debut this year

Kristen Stewart.

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Actress Kristen Stewart has once again made it clear that her directorial debut must take place as soon as possiblesince it is at a moment of artistic and commercial prominence thanks, among other things, to the good reviews it received -as well as a nomination for Oscar– for playing the missing Lady Di on biographical tape “Spencer”.

In fact, in her last interview, the actress adopted an excessively dramatic tone when reporting her goals, which include finishing her adaptation of the play “The chronology of water”from the writer Lydia Yuknavitchbefore the end of the year 2022. “If I don’t make this movie by the end of the year, I’m going to die.”he assured in statements to indiewire.

Who was the protagonist of the juvenile saga “twilight” is in Cannes these days to promote one of his most daring and demanding works to date, “Crimes of the Future”a surrealist thriller directed by David Cronenberg which also features such renowned actors as Viggo Mortensen Y Lea Seydoux in your cast.

Questioned about her possible desire to view as many films as her busy schedule at the festival allows, The American artist acknowledged that she prefers to enjoy the cinema in the comfort of her home. “To be completely honest with you, I prefer links. I have a big projector at home,” she joked.

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