Kristen Stewart is ‘really proud’ of an impromptu scene with Viggo Mortensen

Kristen Stewart opened up about an impromptu scene shared between her and co-star Viggo Mortensen in her new movie Crimes of the Future.

The pair star alongside Léa Seydoux and Scott Speedman in David Cronenberg’s upcoming sci-fi horror film. His characters live in a dystopian future where humans no longer suffer from pain or infections and begin to merge with their synthetic environment.

In a new interview with vulture, Stewart spoke about a moment, midway through the movie, when her character tries to seduce Mortensen by sticking her hands directly over his mouth and looking inside.

When asked if it was written in the script, he replied, “That was not in the script. I’m really proud of that, ***. That’s my favorite part of the movie.”

The Oscar-nominated actress added that according to the script “at some point I find myself intertwined with him and stick my tongue down his throat.”

“I want to get as close as I can to feel something; if I can’t do it, maybe I can unclip her jaw and go as deep as I can into her head and examine the actual anatomy of her mouth,” he said of his thought process.

“So I massaged his jaw for a second to get him to open up and then I went all the way in,” Stewart said.

Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart in ‘Crimes of the Future’


During the film’s premiere on Monday (May 23) at the Cannes Film Festival, some viewers reportedly walked out during the first five minutes, while others left the theater later after a scene involving Seydoux and a open wound.

Before its premiere, Cronenberg had stated that he hoped some would walk out of the show.

“There are some very strong scenes,” he previously confirmed before predicting, “I mean, I’m sure there will be people who drop out in the first five minutes of the movie. I’m sure of that”.

Read the full review of The Independent here.

Crimes of the Future is scheduled to be released in theaters this June.

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