Kristen Stewart says Lady Di was ‘the most isolated person’ in the British monarchy

Kristen Stewart has stood out as one of the best actresses who have given life to the Princess Diana of Wales in the film world, even her role led her to currently be on the list of Oscar nominations in the category of Best Actress. News that has her very excited.

Since then, The 31-year-old actress has spoken on several occasions about what it was like for her to play one of the most famous women in the world, who despite having more than 25 years of death, his name continues to weigh on different industries and monarchies in the world.

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Also, thanks to preparing quite a bit to play the town’s princess, Kristen has pointed out on several occasions her perspectives of what Lady Di’s life was like, among them, is that Diana was a lonely woman, which caused her to tolerate the treatment of her husband, Prince Charles and in general, of the British monarchy.

During the film’s press tour, the actress who rose to stardom with her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight Sagashared how “isolated and lonely” Diana, who died in 1997, aged 37, in a car accident in Paris, had been throughout her life.

She was born with the power to help other people. There are some people who are endowed with an undeniable and penetrating energy. And all she wanted was to get him back. Ironically, she was the most unknown person and someone who never really wanted to be alone.“.

He further added: “Some people are good at it, some people hate it. She wanted connection, she wanted people in her life, and she was the most isolated human., at least during the imagination of these three days. We wanted that to come to a head and we did that in the movie.”

Spencer, under the direction of Pablo Larraínstood out in different nominations for what will be the 94th edition of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, which will take place next Sunday, March 27 at the Dolby Theater, and will be broadcast on television, through the ABC channel.

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Stewart said she was very excited about her nomination, saying: “Everybody wants to win an Oscar, you know? I am totally moved”he told the Hollywood edition of Vanity Fair. She shares a category with Nicole Kidman for the film Being The Ricardos, Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Olivia Colman for The Dark Daughter.

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