Kryolan signs the makeup spray that has conquered the famous (and you can get it)

Achieving successful and long-lasting makeup depends on several factors: the identification of our skin type, the use of makeup and quality tools and a correct applicationamong others.

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Among the essentials when creating a look, is the make-up fixing spray. Used by all beauty experts, it is key to preventing the set from holding up and not suffering “changes” over the hours. In addition, it allows the creation of a protective barrier for the face, against external aggressions, depending on its composition.

“Like any cosmetic, you should choose the most suitable for your skin or for the effect you want to achieve. But the most surprising thing is that this new beauty essential not only fulfills the primary function of fixing.

Also, some get hydrate your face, provide a natural glow or serve as a refreshing mist so pleasant when hot days arrive. These moisturizing properties that they have keep your skin juicy and ensure that the base of the makeup does not dry out and crack as the hours go by” explain the Primor experts.

How to apply it? “You will only have to close your eyes and mouth and spray it three or four times with your arm extended and drawing a T or an X to cover the entire face, so that no part escapes the fixer.

A trick so that your database makeup glides better and is easier to apply is to spray a little of this cosmetic on your sponge or brush. You can also use it on your brush before applying the shadows to your eyelids” add the experts.

A successful product: Ultra Setting Vaporizerby Kryolan

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Numerous firms have launched their own product, although one in particular is gaining more and more followers: the Ultra Setting Vaporizer of Kryolan. Among its faithful defenders is the makeup artist Painted by Spencer. According to the expert, it is the most powerful and successful vaporizer on the market.

Other content creators like Sacha, known for her account “sashinspires”, has also declared himself a fan of this spray. In one of his videos, he demonstrates the “transfer-free” effect of makeup after application.

As they point out, the Ultra Setting Vaporizer It dries quickly and protects the made-up surface from friction and humidity. Contains less alcohol than traditional Fixing Spray. The firm only recommends avoiding its use in the eye area and mucous areas. It is sold at the price of €17.95.

Other alternatives

Other products like All Nighter Setting Spray, of city decay (€19.90) are also presented as good options. This fixing spray is suitable for all skin types, it guarantees fixation for a minimum of 16 hours. Your secret? The temperature control system that allows to maintain the makeup cool 2°C below your skin temperature.

The Setting Spray Makeup Setting Spray – Dewyof NYX Professional Makeup (€7.27) is another reference that will also leave a more than pleasant sensation and a juicy finish on your skin.

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