Kun Agüero breaks the silence by revealing what Leo told him after winning the World Cup


17 days have passed since the conquest of the national team Argentina after his third title of world Cup in which she was crowned champion against France in the stadium of lusail.

One of the Argentines who celebrated with everything was Sergio Kun Agüero, who was on the verge of collapse with excessive celebrations after winning the most important tournament in history.

The former Manchester City player broke the silence through his Twitch account, where he revealed what Lionel Messi told him when he did the Olympic lap at the Doha venue.

“I drank a lot and didn’t eat. We were world champions. If something happens to me, let it be there! But Leo got angry and told me ‘stop’. How? We are world champions!” Kun Agüero began by telling.

He also explained the pain he suffered at the time of celebrating, which worried him when he began to feel pain in his back.

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“Where he did have the most problems was his back, because he was carrying Messi for a long time at the celebration: “Shit, it’s heavy,” I said. My back hurt a lot. I moved my shoulders to make him jump, but they began to poke me in the back. At one point I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t even turn around. If I turned around, I would end up in a hospital, ”he specified.


One of the most iconic images left by the Albiceleste celebration was when Agüero carried Lionel Messi, who was carrying the World Cup, on his shoulders.

“When we were reaching the corner, at one point I couldn’t take it anymore. She wasn’t going to turn around or fart. If she gave it all away, she would end up in a hospital because she couldn’t take it anymore. He realized it, because at one point I looked at him and he understood me. All good, you’re world champion, but you’re breaking my back. There he went down and he’s already there, ”he commented jokingly.


“At one point Leo got angry and told me ‘stop’. We are world champions, pa. And there I went again. It was so good, I think the heart was perfect. She was happy and nothing was wrong. So he hit me double the alcohol, ”she finished.

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