Kun Agüero revealed why Lionel Messi was angry with him and challenged him at the celebrations of the Argentine team

After the Argentine team has won the third World Cup in its history, many still have not fallen, even the protagonists themselves. One of them, who was with the group and experienced the historic moment against France, was Sergio el “Kun Aguerowho after the parties told how his experience was and the moment in which Lionel Messi, his friend, challenged him.

December 18 will remain a historic date for being the day the Argentine team, led by Lionel Messi, lifted the long-awaited World Cup in Qatar. One of the most representative postcards was when the “Kun” held up his friend and carried him around the field, while he exhibited the trophy to the stands.

Three days before the New Year, Sergio Agüero streamed in which he spoke of the national team’s historic moment and detailed some gems from that day.

“The truth is that he can’t believe that we won the World Cup, that I lifted the World Cup and that I lifted the best in the world,” introduced the former soccer player turned streamer and added: “Of course, my back hurt a lot, Leo the one with… of your mother”.

Then he explained how the festivities were at the Lusail Stadium. “At one point, I was coming with him. First when I uploaded it I said: ‘Mie … the son of a p weighs … ”, she pointed out.

“But there came a time when suddenly it started to hurt me back here, I had strong stitches. Arriving at the corner he couldn’t take it anymore. I said: ‘I’m not going to turn around or fart’. He came around and ended up in a hospital because he couldn’t take it anymore, ”he said.

However, the condition of the former Manchester City player was resolved with just a complicit look with his friend. “All good, you are world champion, but you are breaking my back. There he went down and that’s it ”, he concluded.

Messi’s challenge: “He had a pedal”

At that moment in the stream, a user commented: “What a nice pedal you had.” And the “Kun” far from pretending not to understand, assumed the status of him: “Well, yes. I took enough. Not much either, but I drank. It happens that I was without eating and when you drink without eating it hits you twice as much. Let’s see, we came out world champions”.

The same captain of the team got angry with his friend for drinking so much. “I was putting him in and I said: ‘It was already if something happens to me, let it be here in Qatar with the World Cup.’ At one point Leo got angry and told me: ‘Hey, stop’. And I was like this and I said: ‘How does it stop? We are world champions, pa’. There I went again. It was so good that I think the heart was perfect, it was happy, ”he concluded.

It should be noted that Sergio Agüero retired from football at the age of 33 due to a heart problem and from that moment on he follows a series of rules on the recommendation of his doctor: one of them is not to drink a lot of alcohol. Due to his restrictions, Lionel Messi warned him at the festivities to take care of him.


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