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After his participation in the world of Qatar 2022, it seems that Kevin Alvarez became one of the most sought-after footballerswell won to many admirers Y followersto which would be added the influencer Kunnowho in TikTok you he has ‘declared his love’.

For a few weeks there has been much speculation about the virtual couple of Kevin Alvarezsince after being captured on a couple of occasions with Domelipaother influencersPeople say that they could be boyfriendsbut until now everyone They are rumors.

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Kunno dedicates video to Kevin Álvarez on TikTok

Through his official account, Kunno has unleashed many comments on social media, but particularly on TikTokbecause when getting on a trends where they ‘declare their love’ to a personthe influencer he pointed to the player of the Pachuca.

With the song ‘Bandit’ of Ana Barbarain TikTok usually go up videos or photos where they catch one person that ‘they like’stating that ‘they are his crush’ or with more direct messages who feel something for the person, trends to which Kunno got on with Kevin Alvarez.

Adding the text “The footballer I saw yesterday in a match”, showing to Kevin Alvarezpresumably, in the triumph of Pachuca 2-1 against Necaxait is like Kunno focused it and ‘declared his love in this peculiar way.

In the comments many of his followers put things like “We are all after the same goal”“what good taste you have” or “calm down, he will soon listen to you”, but in the same way many assured that “he is from Domelipa”.

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This trends surely it is a made of friends or one joke to social mediasince, as mentioned, they have been seen together in previous weeks living together without any other intention, but Kunno generated great unknown with this video.

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