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He is 88 and doesn’t even think of giving up on a career that has catapulted him to the top of international cinema. But far from what many people might think, thinking about whether he should continue as a target is not specifically related to age, but rather related to health. Seven-time Oscar nominee Judi Dench – who eventually played Queen Elizabeth I in 1988’s Shakespeare in Love – suffers from macular degeneration which has progressively complicated her vision for a decade. Not only has it now become practically impossible for him to read and study scripts, but he sees little and nothing on the sets. However, Starr, a warrior like few others, is far from giving up.

“I don’t even show up on set anymore. And I don’t like to read either. But you have to deal with it,” he told the Sunday Mirror with a certain naturalness and deep strength. And although he admits that the wider his role, the harder it is for him, because on top of it he can no longer use his photographic memory; The actress who has appeared several times in the James Bond saga and has appeared in films such as Chocolate (2000), Iris (2001), Last Spring (2004), Diary of a Scandal (2006) and Philomena (2013). Citing a few, he says that “I have many friends who help me learn scripts.”

Born in the United Kingdom on December 9, 1934, Finty Williams (51)’s mother Judith Olivia Dench is proud that her biographies keep hinting at her active years ‘1957-present’ and she still thinks of him Are, but no. Not only because of the love he has earned, but because, in spite of everything, his quality as an interpreter has not been affected, and because his will is destructive.

There’s something in that phrase that was tattooed a long time ago, “Carpe Diem”, that sums up their way of facing things, their way of living.

Looks.From a very young age, Judy has managed to captivate the industry with a formula of talent, grit, elegance and charm that hasn’t waned over the years.

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