Kylie Jenner accused of too much photoshop, “no knees”

Just a couple of days ago we were receiving the news of the new launching that Kylie Jenner did for her company Kylie Skin of beauty, which moved their fans, but there was a photograph that made them quite confused, in which it seems that they do not have knees.

And it is that the famous was sharing several photos of this photoshoot for her new release, however, in most of the images the photographer concentrated on capturing her from the knees up, without these appearing, however, there was an image where they are seen, but it seems to have been faded in the famous editing program Photoshop.

Kylie Jenner accused of too much photoshop,
Kylie Jenner accused of too much photoshop, “no knees” | INSTAGRAM

That’s right, apparently, those in charge of this entertainment piece were not afraid to apply a few tweaks to it, but we know how harsh Internet users can be on some occasions, despite the fact that they gave it millions of likes, they could not stop commenting on said observation.

The sister minor of the kardashian jenner She was wearing a body-style outfit, knitted and in pastel lilac, she looked very pretty and with a practically perfect figure, but users consider that she may have brown knees, as anyone could have them by nature.

This is not the first time that we can see that it is the edition that plays against this famous woman, in some other images we had seen that her work team cares a lot about taking care of those details and that she is not afraid of tools.

It only remains to say that Kylie Jenner is free to edit her photos as she wants, in addition, she needs to maintain an image, having become such a famous celebrity and having a company that is recognized, the least she can do is take care of every detail.

So, those who consider themselves her faithful followers have been defending her, assuring that there is nothing wrong with her, even many other people also use another program to look a little better, taking advantage of technology to show off to their acquaintances on networks.

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