Kylie Jenner: after her 12-minute flight, another controversial express trip

The problem of global warming concerns everyone, but reducing its environmental impact is not a priority for some. After Kylie Jenner’s 12-minute flight fiasco, Yard has ranked the most polluting stars on the planet and the winner is… Taylor Swift. The singer was widely mocked on the networks. But being the laughing stock of the web doesn’t bother Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner stays 24 hours in Italy, the trip that annoys

This Monday, August 1, 2022, Kylie Jenner bragged about her new journey on her TikTok. The star left the United States to join Milan, by private jet of course. Well, until then it’s not that dramatic, but Kim Kardashian’s sister then revealed the duration of her trip: she only stayed 24 hours in Italy! Its goal ? Go visit its factories in the Italian city.

An express round trip? Yes and no. Because in addition to that, Madame has decided to make a small detour to London, reveals the CelebJets Twitter account which tracks the movements of the private jets of the stars. Just for the outward journey, Stormi’s mother, who gave birth to a baby boy in February 2022, would have emitted 50 tonnes of CO2. It hurts the planet!

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However, and despite repeated trips, Kylie Jenner is far from being the most polluting star. If the ranking is dominated by Taylor Swift, the youngest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan is only 19th place with 64 flights and 1682 tonnes of C02 since the start of 2022. Yes, that’s already a lot but some are doing much worse, such as her sister Kim Kardashian, who has already released 4268 tonnes of CO2 since the start of the year.

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