Kylie Jenner and best friend charm fans in tight outfit

It is a fan account where Kylie Jenner fans are in charge of keeping the best content of their favorite celebritythis time being accompanied by her better friend Anastasia Karanikolaouboth in a really impressive outfit, made up of a long-sleeved blouse and lycra pants.

In addition, they both wore transparent slippers, with very similar hairstyles but one with dark hair and the other blonde, standing on some stairs, probably in one of the partner’s mansions.heité, getting a large number of “likes” and keeping the hearts of netizens.

The two pretty young women also got a lot of comments from Internet users who were witnessing the experts who are for this modeling, it can be seen that their friendship is very strong only with the positions they demonstrated.

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Of course, this will not be the last time we see them together, at Show News we will continue to present their best content, as well as the news most interesting of show, entertainment and much more that you should not miss.


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