Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet fuel romance rumors

This Saturday celebrities were spotted secretly leaving the actor’s mansion in Beverly Hills, the socialite was caught in her Range Rover while the actor was spotted 5 minutes earlier in his Lucid sedan.

fan’s skepticism about The potential romance between Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet took hold this weekendThey were at the actor’s mansion and when they left they tried to stay under the radar by wearing black dresses and face masks, Timothy added some pizzazz with a thick chain around his neck, though according to the magazine page six Managed to get his picture.

The Kardashian star’s unmistakable wide-set eyes were visible over her mask and went unnoticed as she sped off in her expensive car. Earlier this month the celebrities were involved in rumors that they are no longer together. A source told the magazine, “She’s telling people that things have naturally soured between them because they’re both engaged and traveling.” lifestyleAdding: “But friends are whispering that Kylie was dumped.”

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However, putting an end to breakup speculation, insiders told TMZ that the stories of their separation were false. “Any reports to the contrary are false,” the source told the website, urging fans to “don’t believe everything you read.” Their ongoing courtship was later confirmed earlier this week when Jenner was spotted arriving at Chalamet’s simple residence with his security detail.

Oscar Nominee and Queen of Lipkits have been romantically linked to at least april, Speculation took hold that month when a source told Entertainment Tonight that Jenner and Chalamet had a “fun and casual” relationship. Suspicion was dispelled when the star was seen leaving Chalamet’s house in June. No one has commented on his marital status. The beauty guru began dating Chalamet just months after her breakup with Travis Scott, with whom she has two children: daughter Stormi, 5, and son Airey, 1.

Scott is possibly referencing the movie star in the song. recession from her album utopiawhere he was seen taking aim at Chalamet while rapping Chocolate And Willy Wonka’s Factory and challenging an anonymous ex-boyfriend to “find another hot flame like me, bitch.” Apparently Jenner has done just that.

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