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If there is something that has characterized the romance between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott since 2017, is the constant intermittence and little solidity. The relationship has had many twists and turns even with two children in common: Stormi, born in 2018, and Wolf in 2022, although the latter’s real name has not been revealed.

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One of the most media separations happened in 2019; being the reconciliation in 2021, but since nothing is rosy, when it was thought that the union was solid, in recent months it was learned that they were again estranged.

Despite the fact that both maintain a cordial relationship for the well-being of their little ones, they are not unaware of the constant differences that exist between them and for those who have decided on several occasions to continue their paths separately, as explained by ‘People’ magazine.

Travis likes to party

Precisely the aforementioned medium has brought to light the reasons that have triggered the supposed final break, and it is that both lead different rhythms of life, while Kylie prefers to focus on her children and commercial emporium, Travis is a partygoer and lover of the night.

“Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business, and she’s not a big party girl. Travis is the complete opposite. He loves to party, and they have different approaches. They always had them. It’s never been an easy relationship and Jenner ‘freaks out’ every time cheating rumors surface.” indicates the medium.

In fact, it stands out that this has been the main reason why they did not get engaged, much less went up to the altar, even for this reason they always lived in separate houses despite the birth of two children in common. Will this be the final ending? Time will tell.

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